Secret Wish – Voodoo Nights

After a slew of international chart topping hits on the DDK Charts, Cool Cuts Chart and Asian and Polish Dance Charts, Secret Wish have proven time and time again that their music is a dish best served to those who are down to party.

Their latest release “Voodoo Nights” encapsulates the Belgian’s duo affinity for unadulterated, saccharine Pop, while showcasing their ability to seamlessly blend the worlds of Pop and Dance into a cohesive dancefloor jam. Think ravey, pulsating Future Bass synths, weighty electronic drums and stellar vocal hooks that no one will be forgetting in a hurry.
“We combine Pop and Dance music together to put a smile on your face and get you up and dancing. It’s pure bubblegum dancey stuff!” SECRET WISH

The release will be accompanied by a variety of heavyweight remixes from Uwaukh, Tronix DJ, Raf Thing, Mario V, DJ Ferre, DJ Combo, Brainrek and 2Crazy4U-Djs, whereof the first remixes will already make an appearance on the forthcoming 3CD TechnoBase.FM Vol.33. Full release May 20th

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