Andrew Young Project – Born to Be Free

A world-famous saxophonist makes his home in Austria and records a new music project. What’s the story behind that?
The musician admits to having fallen in love with Austria as a child while spending holidays here. And so, a few years ago, he decided to settle in Austria permanently.

At the beginning of the corona crisis, Andrew Young happened to be performing on a concert tour of South Africa, however, the restrictions put in place to combat Covid-19 forced him to abandon the tour and return home to Austria.

As it became clear that the coronavirus was going to be part of our lives for a long time to come, Andrew Young began working on new tracks and compositions with several Austrian producers and musicians.
One of these projects is “Born to Be Free”.


Boy band and hip-hop collective Brockhampton launch into 2021 with ‘BUZZCUT’ , after posting cryptic teasers on socials for the last two months.

The latest teaser came in the form of a video from RZA of Wu-Tang Clan praising the band’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, sending fans into hysteria with his confirmation of a new project.

‘BUZZCUT’ is the first new music since the group released a remix of ‘SUGAR’ featuring pop sensation Dua Lipa and 90s R&B star Jon B, taken from their ARIA #3 album “GINGER”. The new single was produced by the iconic Grammy Award winning Rick Rubin who has previously worked with the likes of Adele, Kanye West, Lana Del Rey, Beastie Boys, Lady Gaga, Run-DMC and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Brockhampton have incredible success globally and in Australia, where they have headlined FOMO Festival (2019) and appeared at FOMO Festival (2018) alongside headline shows at Enmore Theatre and Forum Theatre. Locally they have well over 100M streams across their catalogue and multiple accreditations, including 2x Platinum ‘SUGAR’, Gold ‘1999 WILDFIRE and Gold ‘NO HALO’. When in the country in 2018, they also shot two music videos for ‘NEW ORLEANS’ in Sydney and ‘SAN MARCOS’ in Melbourne.

Zephyrtone – Miss You

Zephyrtone is a poplar artist which always experience great success in India and the surrounding territories.

This new downtempo single is yet another emotional and well produced song about the phase after separation, when you’ve moved on, but still think about the past. There are times when everyone has gone through something like this, you miss your past and keep wishing you could turn back the hands of time and make things right.

This is a laid back song everyone can relate to.

Rumor – Let Me Go

3KEYS RECORDS are a record label representing a wide variety of extremely talented up-and-coming performers, songwriters and producers. The label has recently secured, producer/DJ & singer duo, Rumor. Comprising of Mitchell Curley (James Sun) and Len Pearce (Justice Crew), Rumor brings a fresh and new twist to the Electronic Pop/House landscape.

Their debut release, “Let Me Go” (Released on March 19th 2021), is an explosive pop/house record that has the potential to achieve global mainstream success. The duo has been fortunate enough to begin their career with an interview on the Kyle and Jackie O show to premiere the new single. Additionally, the duo will also be headlining a performance on the Nueva Prosecco Boat Launch, on release day. This day marks the beginning of a prosperous and successful career.

With an infectiousness reminiscent of Meduza, along with a sonic presence similar to Tiesto, “Let Me Go” combines the top-tier production quality of Len Pearce, and the unique vocal skills of Mitchell Curley to create a unique and compelling sound for radio.

Christopher Williams, Carolyn Griffey, Steve Silk Hurley – You’re The One For Me

A collaboration between Christopher Williams, Carolyn Griffey, Steve Silk Hurley, Zonum, and DJ Skip was bound to result in a tune built for the dance floor and the radio waves. “You’re The One For Me” retains the original soul and musicality of the “D Train” classic, and 40 years later, takes the timeless tune into 2021.

DJ Georgie Porgie – Make Me Love Ya

DJ Georgie Porgie is going to “Spring” us forward with another Massive Jackin House Track!! “Make Me Love Ya” is a peak hour track that will definitely have your crowds hands in the air…even if they are watching via stream!!! Love Love Love! Again no hype needed just press play!

DJ Georgie Porgie – Make Me Love Ya (Georgies Jackin House Mix – 5A – 125 Jackin House-Disco House
DJ Georgie Porgie – Make Me Love Ya (Georgies Jackin House Radio – 5A – 125 Jackin House-Disco House

Ashni – W.O.W.Y

Ashni is an exotic curvy beauty that is about to explode on the world stage.
Born & Raised in Holland, she started out as a Dancer, Fitness & Health Coach, but as a little child she always wanted to sing and entertain people.
Ashni is a true entertainer, Musically to be described as a mix of EDM / POP & CARIBBEAN Ashni is a born performer, an artist that will have audiences mesmerized, after a show. She is absolutely electrifying , and is about to be unleashed on to the world stage!
this exotic beauty from Holland is on her way to conquer the world!

‘W.O.W.Y’ is her version of U2 ‘s rock ballad With Or Without You.
With her riveting voice performance on a Future Bass edit, she gave the track a new dynamic, wich will reach out to a whole new audience & generation.