Sol N Beef – Ancestors

SOL N BEEF get their 2021 account into top gear by releasing their first track of the year with “Ancestors”, a hugely catchy Afro Beat production. Mixes include the extended Club Mix plus the Radio/Streaming Edit.

Sol N Beef – Ancestors (Club Mix – 11A – 123) Afro Beat
Sol N Beef – Ancestors (Radio Mix – 11A – 123) Afro Beat

B Young – Ride for Me

B Young is the singer, rapper and songwriter hailing from Hackney in East London.
He’s keeping up his momentum with new release ‘Ride For Me’, which will be accompanied by a beautiful music video.
‘Ride For Me’ explores the appreciation of hanging out alone with someone you love.
Beginning with a soft beat and rhythmic guitar loop, B Young enters with his smooth vocals, leading into the peacefully emotional track.
After spending several years teaching himself how to mix and master his own records, B Young was able to craft and establish his melodic rap/Afro beat sound.
Breaking through in 2018, B Young made his mark with his distinct melodies across catchy hit singles ‘Jumanji’, ‘079Me’ and ‘Juice’; collectively amassing more than one million UK sales.
His slick songwriting abilities have led to a discography with more than 340 million combined streams!

MaxxSeed feat. Ms Molly – Strange Love

“Strange Love” is a song about two people not being sure if they are ready to get into a serious relationship and they both keep giving each other false signals which messes with both of their minds. In the song both artists ask each other to show their real emotions and they both stress on the fact that they’re tired of this Strange Love.

The track is currently being played on radio stations in Bulgaria and Turkey.

It’s a smooth nice song with a catchy melody and many people will relate to this song’s story line.

Fenix and Chris Willis – Bring You Back

The AMAZING voice of Chris Willis is paired with the insane production of FENIX for this NEW release. The DETOTO mixes are awesome alongside the original mixes which highlight the song. LOUDLY CUT and totally engaging from beat one to the finish. This one is the REAL deal guys and girls.

Fenix & Chris Willis – Bring You Back (DeToto Remix) A-major-11B-128 bpm Future Anthem House
Fenix & Chris Willis – Bring You Back (DeToto Dub Mix) A-major-11B-128 bpm Future Anthem House
Fenix & Chris Willis – Bring You Back (DeToto Radio Edit) A-major-11B-128 bpm Future Anthem House
Fenix & Chris Willis – Bring You Back (Club Mix) E-major-12B- 26 bpm) Big Club House
Fenix & Chris Willis – Bring You Back (Dub Mix) F-major-7B- 126 bpm Big Club House
Fenix & Chris Willis – Bring You Back (Radio Edit) E-major-12B-126 bpm) Big Club House
Fenix & Chris Willis – Bring You Back (Radio Dub Mix) F-major-12B-126 bpm Big Club House

Bouvier & Barona ft. Alex Berlyn – Time of My Life

Epic Club Trance. From that beat and bassline then classic Trance synth melody, heralding the amazingly uplifting vocal from Alex Berlyn who truly makes us believe that she is having the “TIME OF MY LIFE” with Bill and Pete in the recording studio. Two mixes with the Radio Edit and the Stripped down mix to enjoy. Positive, uplifting lyrics and out now. Jump on this one guys & girls its a wonderful ride.
Out on release now on Spotify, iTunes & Apple Music


HVME ‘s reimagination of Travis Scott’s classic “goosebumps” has exploded on streaming platforms since its release this past summer reaching a new peak of #27 on the Spotify Global chart! Travis Scott’s original version continues to stream an incredible +1M daily worldwide AND continues to live on the Spotify Global chart at #84 + charting in the UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany, France, Netherlands, Finland, Australia, Norway, Italy and more, 5 years after its release!!!

Behind the mysterious name HVME (pronounced like the English “Hume”) stands a young producer born in Murcia, south-east Spain. In 2016 he started with his first productions, which musically move between Future House, Slap House and Deep House. His international breakthrough finally came in 2020, when his track “Goosebumps”, which was released on the Lithuania HQ label (Dynoro, Gaullin, Lucky Luke and others) went through the ceiling. On Spotify, the track, which was released on June 12th, has already recorded over 84 million streams and has had amazing playlist support on both Apple Music and Spotify. In addition, “Goosebumps” can also be found on numerous Spotify viral charts around the world (Global, Germany, UK, Sweden, Brazil, France, Austria and others). Now the successful label B1 signed the artist (along with the hit).

By the way, the artist’s name is an abbreviation of his civil name, in combination with the name of the Scottish philosopher David Hume (1711 -1776), with a “V” replacing the “U”. HVME has been the nickname his friends once gave him for years.

Agency – Next Ex

The superb Agency are roaring into 2021 with this excellently produced original tune which has the hook, the melody, the rhythm, the mixes and the feel of a major success for them. All your guys and girls, for your sets and mixshows.. Out now on Traxsource, full release 29th Jan. With a Kings big royal thumbs up.

Agency – Next Ex (Knox Classix Mix – 5B – 123 Jazzy Rhodes House
Agency – Next Ex (Bad Space Monkey Remix) – 5B – 120 West Coast Club House
Agency – Next Ex (Dan Thomas Club Remix) – 5A – 126 PianoClubHouse
Agency – Next Ex (Soulshaker Remix – 5A – 124 Club House
Agency – Next Ex (Soulshaker Dub – 6A – 124 Club House
Agency – Next Ex (Dan Thomas Radio Edit) – 5A – 126 PianoClubHouse
Agency – Next Ex (Bad Space Monkey Remix Radio Edit) – 6A – 120 West Coast Club House

Keeana Kee – Sweet Heaven

Dan Thomas delivers two Club House mixes, running at 126 bpm for Keeana who herself teams up with Herbert Skillz to create their 101 bpm smooth Sweet Pop Vocal remix for New York’s Music Seed label. Out on Spotify, Apple Music & iTunes

“Sweet Heaven” was written as a prayer, inspired by the idea that a combination of belief and action will achieve the desired result whatever the goal. This video, however, was inspired by the events happening in US when undocumented immigrants were forcibly deported back to their home countries despite having relatives in USA and even being separated from their families and children. Visual for this song is taking you through the story of a Latin American native walking day and night through the desert, crossing the US border despite all the obstacles so he can reunite with his daughter on the American land.