Shyla Roe – Need That High

Need that high is about living life as a teen. There was always something going on, an event to attend to, a rave popping off. I used to stay awake until morning with friends getting high with no cares in the world. It was normal, a dark but fun period, always living on the edge of time.

‘Need That High’ comes in the style of MIND WIDE OPEN and Back At It – ‘Brithish-world class-pop’ from Rob Davis (behind Kylie, Sophie Ellis- Bexter etc) – download the single and revisit her playlist on Spotify – preparing for her first album coming in November

Need That High is OUT NOW !!!!

Kristine W – Can’t Look Back

From Queen Kristine W ” Thank you to my collab partners, remixer/producers Beyond Chicago in the UK for their awesome mix and to Majestic at Kiss FM London for debuting their mix on his show. Thank you all so much!! I am honored to have such amazingly talented friends in one of my favorite cities – where my first album Land of The Living was created! xo

CHECK the J Squad Dubland for a floor filling Piano Disco Dub mix, plus the bouncing Deep House James Hurr 4 AM Dub Mix and the House production from Beyond Chicago with Chris Cox Build Up Dub. All together a superb new release out on Spotify and Apple Music now. We love this artist, everything she delivers is top class…

Kristine W penned “Can’t Look Back” with Mark Matson and another dance floor maverick, Tony Moran. Produced by James Hurr with its poignant message inspired by the passing of Kristine’s mother.”Although she faced unbearable loss during her lifetime, my mother was a perpetual optimist,” Kristine reflects. “She never wallowed in pain from the past. She chose to forge ahead, holding tightly to hope, faithful in her belief that tomorrow would be a brighter day.”

Farrah Mechael ft the Klubjumpers – I’m Burning

Both the song and the performance of “I’m Burning” are one of the best releases we’ve heard this year. Farrah Mechael from Los Angeles has a real potential hit on her hands, it may take a while to resonate through the layers of the 2022 music business but with the support from you guys and girls you can light the fires to get things moving. The Klubjumpers mixes are very good but first of all go to the Master version at 100 BPM to hear the true depth of the emotion. Unrequited love can be life changing in a young heart. There’s some truth reverberating here from Farrah.