M1CKY Ft. Manthy – The Worst

Made2Dance presents M1CKY Ft. Manthy

Behind the moniker M1CKY stands a young and passionate music producer by the real name of Miika Salminen. Born in 1999 in Vantaa Finland, this energetic 22 year old has kept a busy schedule to date mixing his love of sports with his love of music, as well as obtaining 2 degrees and a spending a yearlong spell in the Finnish Navy too! Nowadays he balances a day-job with his music productions; and we all know which activity he prefers. Surrounded by music from an early age via friends and family he is a lover of many different styles, while at the same time confesses a certain interest into the machinations of the music industry itself.

He began producing his own music towards the end of 2015 experimenting with different styles and a variety of beats, but he felt most at home within the house genre. So much so that his ambition now is to produce catchy house tunes that storm the charts and blow up in the clubs the world over.

M1CKY’s influences, including such iconic producers as RedOne, DJ Snake and the Swedish House Mafia can clearly be heard infusing his productions. In 2021 M1CKY released his debut track called CLUB COMING DOWN, which performed quite well around the world. It was followed by Different Dreams, which gained even more attention by climbing high at German Dance Charts.

M1CKY returns for a straight up dancefloor banger, The Worst.
Also featuring Manthy, its a catchy pop tune with chilled melodics and
unforgettable chorus reminiscing.

It’s all hands in the air with this tune, moving crowds up and down, meanwhile breaking some serious drops to keep the vibe going. The Worst is all you need to get that party started, and then it’s on!!

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