Rodrigo Ace – Me Olvide De Ti (Bachata Molio Remix)

Made2Dance presents the new single from RODRIGO ACE – ‘Me Olvide De Ti’

RODRIGO ACE, is an Urban Latino music singer, born in Santiago, Chili.Rodrigo left Paris for Los Angeles to join the urban bachata group ‘Jon-Jonn’ signed with La Calle Records / Univision. This rich experience will allow him to realize that he absolutely wants to evolve in Latin Urban music.
Then Rodrigo returned to France and got involved in his solo project.

In 2016, Rodrigo made a name for himself on the radio with his single ‘If I must forget you (Dime si te vas)’ and more recently on youtube with these covers in Latin version, such as: ‘Last Christmas’ in Bachata version, his ‘Mashup Latino’ by Justin Bieber and Omi in a reggaeton version, or even ‘Tchikita’ by Jul in a latino remix version …
It was during season 7 of The Voice France that Rodrigo caused a sensation with his cover of ‘Despacito’. The coaches unanimously welcomed his performance, qualifying it as very well mastered. He has worked with Kalvaro on ‘ Ron Pom Pom ‘ signed on Blanco Y Negro, also on the project Camuel ‘ Oye Miami’. He works since longtime with his friend Nicolas Molio, producer/composer on Kyz Records.
Last year he released the single ‘Tu Me Vacilas (Tu Nous Fascines)’ with the famous artist Matt Houston (‘Positif’, ‘R’n’B de Rue’ …) as featuring, the title was signed in several countries (Spain, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Korea,.), clip entered in TVs (France & international), radio broadcasts and yacast clubs.

This new single with a great latin sound with its effective chorus that keeps in your mind.

The Spanish Aliens – When the Lights Go Down

“The Spanish Aliens”, a brand new dance/pop/electronic project about to explode onto the globe from La Costa del Sol.

The Spanish Aliens are a musical duo hidden in a bunker situated in el campo.

Michel Bellens is a world-renown music producer from Belgium (Syndicate Of L.A.W., Mademoiselle Luna, Mc Solaar, Grooveland, Magic System, Idem,…) and David Carter is a prolific songwriter and performer from the UK.

The world is a changing place at the moment and you never know when you might need the help of a friendly local alien who might just save the human race.

DJ Ricky V & Gabriel Velasquez – What Is Love

“What Is Love”, a song that was Top 3 in 21 countries in 1993 for Haddaway gets a sweet remake with a totally different vibe coming from the female vocalist produced by DJ Ricky V & Gabriel Velasquez. It works too. Easy to spin as a surprise for your audiences who are old enough to know it or curious why the rest of the dancefloor are already singing the song – try it out and see 🙂 Out of via Dance All Day Distribution alongside two other tracks including the Funky Bass House “Apparently” and the interestingly titled “Cum Doll”.

INNA feat. Sean Paul – UP

INNA continues the series of successful collaborations with her single “Up” with Sean Paul, one of the most beloved and well-known artists in the world. Jamaican dancehall singer and rapper Sean Paul entered the global mainstream in the early 2000’s with songs like “Get Busy” from his “Dutty Rock” album, with which he won a Grammy.

“Up” is #1 in the Airplay Charts of Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Romania.

The song is also buzzing worldwide in the Shazam Global Chart, trending in more than 15 countries, with over 1 mil Shazams.

The track is also popular on TikTok (450k+ uses) and has 38 million+ views on YouTube.

Maratone & Saphron & Hardcode – Walk Through Shadows

Maratone is back to Abora Ascend, Abora’s label for vocal orchestral uplifting trance, with a stunning vocal trancer filled with inspiring lyrics.

This is ‘Walk Through Shadows’, featuring British duo Saphron and Hardcode, better known as songwriters for Roxanne Emery and other luminaries.

Saphron’s angelic and peaceful vocals will give you chills, while her sweet and heartwarming lyrics will bring tears to your eyes. This is a powerful and heart-warming song. All about facing the greatest obstacles and sufferings in life, but all of it being worth it to be with the one you love.

Max M – Any Other Night

Only a few months after the release of his debut EP “Renaissance” – including massively successful singles such as “Imaginary Problems.” – Max M is back with ‘Any Other Night’, a radio friendly electropop song with retro-futuristic sounds inspired by both the 80’s and modern music. The female vocal interpretation breathes a lot of energy into this dancefloor oriented track. The highly melodic and progressive aspect of this song keeps the attention riveted from the beginning to the end.

Max M is on a steady rise as his distinctive sound continues to garner attention from the industry and fans around the world.

With more than 5M streams on Spotify and 5000 radio airplays, Max M is set to take the scene by storm. “Any Other Night” is a must-listen record as it will brighten up any party, dancefloor, or day.