DJ SAVED M.L. feat. Jaime Deraz – Champagne

Made2Dance presents the new single by Dj Saved ML sung by Jaime Deraz.
A fresh and current sounding song, just like the one that works in Europe and the world

Dj/Producer/Musician Dj Saved M.L.

He began to take his first steps in many resorts as a disc jockey, where he later realized that he was giftedwith an insightful quality in entertainment.
Self-taught musician and DJ producer, at 18 he had his first radio experience on Radio Marte Siracusa with aradio program dedicated to commercial music,
In 2008 his first television experience on SKY with the ‘Sole Luna’ show.
He was a guest on various national radio stations, like R101 (whose direction was entrusted to one of thehottest Italian and world voices: Dr. Felix, with whom he collaborated for several years); he was a guest onRadio Freccia (RTL 102.5 family), imitating various television characters during the live.

He officially debuted as a DJ at Heaven, a nightclub in the capital, sharing the console with Emix and D lewis.Later he moved to Milan, a city that gave him the great opportunity to make important acquaintances like
‘Big Fish’, ‘Dr. Felix’ and Tommy Vee with whom he collaborated. In a short time he had the opportunity towork in the main clubs such as: Old Fashion, Hollywood, The Club, DOM, Just Cavalli, Pelledoca, Yacout,TOM.
He also took his music overseas by playing at Gold Fish Australia, returning to Europe he performed in themost famous clubs in Malta such as: TwentyTwo, Truth, Cafè Del Mar.

Singer/Songwriter Jaime Deraz

Jaime Deraz is a singer/songwriter who crafts her lyrics based on real life experience, and raw emotion. She captures each moment through picturesque language and a sorrowful cadence.

The Long Island native’s blissful nature paired with her melancholy vocal creates a distinct emotional ambivalence, which is snapshotted in her writing. Jaime debuted her first single My City in 2018 alongside DJs Barkley and Lanna on Swiss-based label Sirup Music, home to DJ talent to the likes of EDX and Nora En Pure.

My City has been featured on tastemaker playlists such as Spotify’s Dance Rising, Friday Cratediggers and New Dance Music Friday – by Spinnin’ Records.

Her previous single, Ghosts, was added to Spotify’s New Music Friday Deutschland and New Music Friday Schweiz, as well as a number of other New Music Friday playlists around the world. Jaime’s own emotional stress doesn’t stem just from romantic relationships.

OUT NOW…..!!!

HALIENE & Maratone – Make It To Tomorrow (Astuni & Manuel Le Saux Remix)

Awesome remix here by Astuni and Manuel Le Saux of HALIENE & Maratone’s inspiring & energetic song ‘Make It To Tomorrow’.

The song is an exuberant uplifting anthem bursting with energy and joy. The veteran Italian duo deliver a uptempo, feel-good re-interpretation.

Featuring an energetic drive and a lovely little breakdown combining a flowing piano with HALIENE’S inimitable voice, this remix will lift you up and have you bouncing around the dancefloor.

You will ‘make it to tomorrow’ full of hope and happiness with this masterful and fast-paced remix. Enjoy!

Talla 2XLC & Yakooza – City 2 City (Shadym Mix)

The saga of the success of the huge recreation of the classic hard trance anthem City 2 City by Talla 2XLC and Yakooza continues with another super strong remix that
will please and excite the growing globally hard techno community. The unstoppable upcoming Shadym after his very successful remix on Adagio for Strings by
Talla 2XLC and Andreas Kraemer on Technoclub Pure delivers his superb version of City 2 City that packs rough relentless heavy kicks, raw moody basslines and distorted vocal samples.

In its 6.40 minutes the track pushes all the right buttons and slowly builds towards the long breakdown that unleashes that threatening fearful dark synthy hook leading to his ultra-tight climax that adds even some cool trancy synths to turn it very accessible for trance audiences as well. It will be no surprise to enjoy it during your favorite tech trance set too.

Shadym continues to build his impressive rooster with top remix on City to City released on Technoclub Pure!

Shauni & Loch Raven – Brave Girl

Shauni teams up with LOCH RAVEN, happy from their recent success on their latest single “Disappear”, for a fresh production for her latest release, “Brave Girl”, which is also the very first song the talented artist penned for herself. Out on release now via Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal and Deezer for Baseline HQ..

LOCH RAVEN, a rising electronic music producer, takes an original song by Shauni, “Brave Girl”, and recreates the track with high energy, dance-pop production. The original version of the song is more intimate and stripped down, as it features just an acoustic guitar and impressive vocals from Shauni. LOCH RAVEN strips away the simple production and creates a vibrant, complex instrumental for the song.

LOCH RAVEN takes the contrast even further than just the idea of turning the song into a dance-pop track. Throughout the song, the different sections contrast against each other but still flow beautifully, keeping the listener captivated. The track starts simple and slow, with just Shauni’s vocals and a piano, but quickly starts to pick up as the song begins to transform into a dance track.
There are sections in the song where the fast beat disappears, and an ethereal-sounding break occurs where the production feels atmospheric and expansive, while Shauni’s vocals, drowned in reverb, sing in the background. Near the end of the track, the song slows down again and it returns to just Shauni and a piano, ending with the same lyric that kicked off the song: “It could be easy to love yourself enough to conquer it all”.

The lyrics of “Brave Girl” deliver an uplifting message about self-love, self-discovery, and creating a life that you are proud of. Shauni encourages the listener to be themselves and embrace their life, for all the good and bad, singing: “No matter how painful, these are chapters in your book.” Shauni shares these inspiring, encouraging lyrics through her beautiful vocals, showcasing her agile voice and large vocal range.

LOCH RAVEN’s fresh spin on Shauni’s “Brave Girl” is exciting and captivating. You will want to keep your eye on these two rising talents for their next projects.

Chris Odd x Rizle – In The Air Tonight

Made2Dance presents:
Chris Odd X Rizle – In The Air Tonight (The Remixes)

DJ Scott-e and The Klubbfreak drop a new remix package for the hit dance cover of In The Air Tonight by multi-genre producer Chris Odd and his teammate Rizle.

After reaching more than 190,000 Spotify streams, the 80s icon Phil Collins’ best-known hit is popular once again, this time on the dance floor.

The new dance version opens with groovy, deep melodies and distorted vocals that combine broad pop appeal with EDM dance style. Everyone does the air-drum to the original one, and this new version is sure to drive crowds into a frenzy at the next festival or club night.

RUMOR – Running AWAY

Australian dance-pop/slap house duo Rumor made a thunderous debut with their first single “Let Me Go.” The duo, consisting of Mitchell Curley and Len Pearce, started out producing electronic music separately before teaming up in 2020. For their first release, Curley and Pearce were able to crack the Top 50 on the Australian Shazam charts for 15 consecutive weeks, and peaked as the #1 most played independent single on Australian radio for 4 weeks running.

Alongside contemporaries the likes of MEDUZA and Tiësto, Rumor continues to build a bridge between club culture and global pop trends. Their undeniable ability to produce addictive melodies proving to be a launchpad into a formidable presence in the world of dance/pop music.

With their next release “Running Away,” the duo is certain to bring another radio hit just in time for Australia’s long-awaited release from lockdown