Kristine W – Can’t Look Back

From Queen Kristine W ” Thank you to my collab partners, remixer/producers Beyond Chicago in the UK for their awesome mix and to Majestic at Kiss FM London for debuting their mix on his show. Thank you all so much!! I am honored to have such amazingly talented friends in one of my favorite cities – where my first album Land of The Living was created! xo

CHECK the J Squad Dubland for a floor filling Piano Disco Dub mix, plus the bouncing Deep House James Hurr 4 AM Dub Mix and the House production from Beyond Chicago with Chris Cox Build Up Dub. All together a superb new release out on Spotify and Apple Music now. We love this artist, everything she delivers is top class…

Kristine W penned “Can’t Look Back” with Mark Matson and another dance floor maverick, Tony Moran. Produced by James Hurr with its poignant message inspired by the passing of Kristine’s mother.”Although she faced unbearable loss during her lifetime, my mother was a perpetual optimist,” Kristine reflects. “She never wallowed in pain from the past. She chose to forge ahead, holding tightly to hope, faithful in her belief that tomorrow would be a brighter day.”

Farrah Mechael ft the Klubjumpers – I’m Burning

Both the song and the performance of “I’m Burning” are one of the best releases we’ve heard this year. Farrah Mechael from Los Angeles has a real potential hit on her hands, it may take a while to resonate through the layers of the 2022 music business but with the support from you guys and girls you can light the fires to get things moving. The Klubjumpers mixes are very good but first of all go to the Master version at 100 BPM to hear the true depth of the emotion. Unrequited love can be life changing in a young heart. There’s some truth reverberating here from Farrah.

Unit3 ft. Tristan Henry & Janine Fagan – Something Goin’ On

‘Something Goin On’ is a club banger that is heavily influenced by the sound of the UK underground. Time is divided into 3, past, present and future. Unit 3 is a collective of musicians, singers, songwriters, managers, promoters and DJ’s. Over the past year, the UNIT3 collective have amassed over 100 million streams on Youtube and Spotify, co-written top 10 hits for the likes of Arrdee, Nathan Dawe, and artists such as Pink Pantheress, Sam Divine, as well as credits alongside Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Rodney Jerkins.

Featured vocalist on ‘Something Going’ On’, Tristan Henry, has been described as ‘soulful and uplifting with an American swagger” and has recently worked with Vintage Culture and John Newman. Janine Fagan, also features on the track with her huge soulful diva vocals.

Iberian feat. Lyd14 – Avalanche

Abora Recordings is delighted to host a brand-new vocal trancer entitled ‘Avalanche’, produced by Spanish artist Iberian featuring Finnish singer Lyd14.

This track has an uplifting atmosphere, with tuneful arpeggios blending with melodious notes. The background delivers dreamy pads and lyrics that will hit you right in the feels owing to Lyd14’s angelic voice. A nostalgic melody then embarks and takes you to an emotive drop.

Add ‘Avalanche’ to your playlist now, and share this vibe with us!

2 Sub Dude ft. E.V Palmer – Vegas Dreams

Made2Dance presents this great classic Fleetwood Mac banger !!

2 Sub Dude returns with his own take on a classic Fleetwood Mac Number. Setting his sights on the centre of the Dance floor, 2 Sub Dude teams up with outstanding singer and songwriter, E.V Palmer, to deliver an uplifting club banger, with a huge bassline and hooky vocals.

Remixes come courtesy of USA Billboard No.1 producers Soulshaker, bringing a chunky house number classic, driving, hand-raising piano riffs.

Next up we have the Insanely talented new UK act ‘No Strangers’ smashing it with their evolving tech house bomb with a nod to trance.

Lastly, ‘Warren M’ brings a deeper, laid back slice of pure house, perfect for poolside.


Alternate High & Lyd14 – You’re a Star

Our vocal orchestral uplifting label Abora Ascend brings a magnificent release entitled ‘You’re a Star’, produced by German maestro Alternate High and the wonderful Finnish singer Lyd14.

This marvelous song has a dreamy drive owing to solid drums, an energetic atmosphere, and tuneful pluck touches. The breakdown belongs to another dimension; it delivers smooth pads, nostalgic melodies, and the pure angelic voice of Lyd14. These elements lead to an intense drop full of trance vibes.

Wait no more and grab your copy now!