Arthur Lewis feat. Dean Robert – Out of My Head

One of Belgians biggest DJ’s Arthur Lewis, winner of Belgians greatest DJ contest on Radio MNM (National Radio) hooked up with the Irish singer Dean Robert.

This track is all a Pop/Dance track needs to have for the radio.
Catchy vocals with a commercial hook in combination with amazing beats and drums together with a melody that stays in your head all day.
Even if the title is “Out of My Head” 😉

Sean Finn & Selda feat. Inaya Day – Don’t Cha

Sean Finn:

  • Best national act in the German Dance Charts 2012, 2014 & 2017
  • Five #1 hits in the German Dance Charts
  • On Spotify his song “Infinity” (in collaboration with Guru Josh) had over 17 million streams; The Rhythm of the Night (with Corona) has over 20 million streams.
  • On Spotify Sean Finn has monthly over 920.000 listeners.
  • Sean Finn performs in some of the hottest club across the world: Pacha (Ibiza), Hedkandi und Ministry of Sound (Egypt), Blue Marlin (Ibiza) Mozart Club (Russia), Revelin Culture Club and Paypaya (Croatia) Cavalli Club, WW Hotel, XL Beach Club (Dubai), Spain, Swiss, Malta, Danmark, New Zealand, Poland, and Nikki Beach (Miami, Ibiza) and Ukraine.

Selda was first noticed at the age of 15 and has worked with Bellini, Loona, Fragma, Paffendorf.

Inaya Day is famous for her vocals on “Horny ’98” by Mousse T.

Grace & Badlove – Zoom Out (Fede Klotz Remix)

Grace & Badlove’s popular single “Zoom Out” from the 2018 album Sticky Nostalgia is now getting the soulful house treatment. After reaching over 100,000 streams, the neo-soul collective has teamed up with Argentinian DJ/Producer, Fede Klotz, to release a fresh remix of the track. With musical influences of soul and disco, Fede Klotz’ is on a quest to create a festive sound mixing afro, Brazilian and tropical elements.
“Zoom Out” was originally written by bandleader, Grace Portillo, and guitarist, Gaston Saya. “I recall us jamming in his apartment and thinking about life, taking perspective of our realities”, reflects Portillo. “How fortunate or cursed each one feels, depends entirely on our ability to see things from a different angle and how grateful we are.”
Grace & Badlove is an international neo-soul experiment based in Argentina and led by the Latin singer/composer Gracia Portillo. Her music journey began at an early age in her home country of El Salvador, moving to Argentina in 2009. Grace & Badlove’s first album “Sticky Nostalgia” was released in 2018. Since then they have focussed on playing live in venues across Argentina–doing key presentations at the USA Embassy, Niceto Club, La Tangente, SOFAR (Guatemala, Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata), Thelonious Club, and Brüder Festival among others. Grace & Badlove’s sound is inspired by artists such as Moonchild, Biig Piig, Jorja Smith, and Alicia Keys among others.

Audrey Nuna – Space

Rising R&B vocalist and rapper Audrey Nuna returns with her first single for 2021 ‘Space’.
In typical Audrey fashion, ‘Space’ continues to highlight her authentic style in the creative decisions she makes.
Her free-flowing nature as an artist is what makes her so unique, each track having the possibility of being so different, yet equally as appealing as the previous.
‘Space’ is moody and eloquent as Audrey’s delicate voice laces the song. Audrey showcases her incredibly diverse vocal ability that takes this song to another level.
‘Space’ followed the completely distinctive previous single track ‘damn right’, which has more than 305K AU streams.
Audrey was included in US Vogue’s January 2021 print issue featuring six creatives from different disciplines who have continued their craft and made the most of 2020.
She featured in British Vogue’s January edition and was included in Line of Best Fit’s Best Songs of 2020.
Garnering key tastemaker attention throughout 2020, Audrey was included in Pigeon & Planes Best New Artist Roundup, along with additional coverage from Dazed100, Pitchfork, PAPER Magazine, RUSSH Magazine, and more.

NATHASSIA & GAR – Rainmaker

GREAT SONG – CLUB HOUSE – WAVs+MP3s. “Rainmaker” is the first collaboration between celebrated Dutch electronic music artist NATHASSIA and one of India’s hottest producers GAR . Nathassia explains “the song is inspired by a lens to the future when climate change wreaks rampant drought”. Described by Grammy winning writer/producer Bruce Elliott-Smith as “mystical melodies, haunting lyrics and ecstatic Saxophone”.

Club House infused Pop flavours a track you can’t afford to miss. Beautiful vocals lace the track and offer something different to the usual sounds we are accustomed to at the moment. The vocal hook partners with a deep bassline and infectious percussion to create a wholly atmospheric track built to be played loud. Keep your ear out for the soulful sax solo in the middle of the track, too. Released now on ArchangelUK Recordings through Spotify, Apple Music & iTunes etc..

Nathassia & GAR – Rainmaker (Ext Mix) – 10A – 123 Club House
Nathassia & GAR – Rainmaker (Radio Mix – 12B – 123

BarWall – Where Will I Go

Abora Recordings brings another bomb vocal trancer entitled ‘Where Will I Go’, produced by Barwall.

The song kicks off with an energetic solid atmosphere, fused with an amazing vocal to create a nostalgic and enthusiastic drive. The breakdown will cuddle your ears owing to pure lyrics and rising melodic waves to reach a magnificent drop.


Giveon is the R&B/Soul phenomenon who has completely stolen the hearts of millions across the globe with his touching single ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’.
Devoted Giveon fans have been loving the beautiful track since its release in 2019; however after having a moment on TikTok earlier this year, Giveon’s incredibly rare voice and unique talent have been showcased and admired by millions.
‘Heartbreak Anniversary’ tells the emotional story of his break-up, and how that pain comes around every year as his heart heals.
Giveon’s symbolic lyricism combined with sonic elements like the striking electric guitar at the beginning of the song really evoke the emotion of the narrative.
‘Heartbreak Anniversary’ has more than 7.6M local streams along with 215M global streams. On TikTok there have been 1.7M video creations made with the track.
The moment Giveon has had with this powerful single has cemented him as a true talent in the R&B space, with so much more ahead of him. His essence and talent is unmatched.
‘Heartbreak Anniversary’ lead into the release of his album When It’s All Said And Done… Take Time which comprise his Grammy-nominated debut EP TAKE TIME and his following EP WHEN IT’S ALL SAID AND DONE.
This new album debuted at #5 on the US Billboard Top 200 Album Chart!
He’s also just achieved his first US Billboard Hot 100 #1 record, with his feature on Justin Bieber’s unstoppable hit ‘Peaches’.

Andrew Young Project – Born to Be Free

A world-famous saxophonist makes his home in Austria and records a new music project. What’s the story behind that?
The musician admits to having fallen in love with Austria as a child while spending holidays here. And so, a few years ago, he decided to settle in Austria permanently.

At the beginning of the corona crisis, Andrew Young happened to be performing on a concert tour of South Africa, however, the restrictions put in place to combat Covid-19 forced him to abandon the tour and return home to Austria.

As it became clear that the coronavirus was going to be part of our lives for a long time to come, Andrew Young began working on new tracks and compositions with several Austrian producers and musicians.
One of these projects is “Born to Be Free”.


Boy band and hip-hop collective Brockhampton launch into 2021 with ‘BUZZCUT’ , after posting cryptic teasers on socials for the last two months.

The latest teaser came in the form of a video from RZA of Wu-Tang Clan praising the band’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, sending fans into hysteria with his confirmation of a new project.

‘BUZZCUT’ is the first new music since the group released a remix of ‘SUGAR’ featuring pop sensation Dua Lipa and 90s R&B star Jon B, taken from their ARIA #3 album “GINGER”. The new single was produced by the iconic Grammy Award winning Rick Rubin who has previously worked with the likes of Adele, Kanye West, Lana Del Rey, Beastie Boys, Lady Gaga, Run-DMC and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Brockhampton have incredible success globally and in Australia, where they have headlined FOMO Festival (2019) and appeared at FOMO Festival (2018) alongside headline shows at Enmore Theatre and Forum Theatre. Locally they have well over 100M streams across their catalogue and multiple accreditations, including 2x Platinum ‘SUGAR’, Gold ‘1999 WILDFIRE and Gold ‘NO HALO’. When in the country in 2018, they also shot two music videos for ‘NEW ORLEANS’ in Sydney and ‘SAN MARCOS’ in Melbourne.