Talla 2XLC & Andreas Kraemer – Alone

The hot legendary techno duo Talla 2XLC and Andreas Kraemer strike back on Technoclub Pure with a massive driving melodic techno anthem called Alone.
Truly magnificent production with deep solid thumping and pumping bass, hard punchy kicks and terrific atmosphere. The dark journey arrives to the well-designed melodic breakdown with synthy riffs that easily stuck in your head and will move you emotionally. The climax goes totally out of control for an anthemic headbanging experience.

You can sense that Alone will have a monstrous effect on any dancefloor because the simple elements and clean production attack your attention
and surround your thoughts. Resistance is futile for sure.

Amadante – Waken Dreams

“Waken Dreams” is a 3′-escape from your daily routine that lets your imagination travel through a landscape of beautiful feelings and passion.
Amadante’s new single “Waken Dreams” already received praise from music blogs around the world:

‘An ever-expressive and thoughtful Amadante releases perhaps his most immersive and beautiful single yet with the faultlessly crafted, heartfelt and catchy Waken Dreams.’ (Stereo Stickman)

‘Pop jams like “Waken Dreams” filled with fantasy elevate listeners to astral planes of romanticism.’ (Electro Wow).

Beautiful Animal – SEA (& Remix)

Superbly produced tracks in an avant-garde genre full of inspirational purpose from the Finnish collective Beautiful Animal. Especially enjoying the Deep Steamy Alternative Lounge production of “Sea” the original mix. One for the years that is. Jokujekku has also created a fine Breakbeat Garage remix. “To Do Love” has been given the Blondie Rock genre tag to let you know that its an excellent track in that genre. Recommended for Radio globally. Distributed to the world by Horus Music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer & Amazon Music

The new ‘triple A-Sided’ single Sea / To Do Love / Sea (Jokujekku Remix) is the second release from the forthcoming debut album, and it will hit all the streaming and services on October 1, 2021. The release features the 2step / Garage remix version by Helsinki-based young artist Jokujekku.

SEA: The near could be far away, the distant be so close when two lonely hearts beat to the same rhythm. So, is it the distance or the lack of it? While chewing on that, one could remember the relationship of Simone and Jacques Clouseau.

SEA (JOKUJEKKU REMIX) is like mounting a fork to power socket and surviving it. Post-traumatic symptoms include (but not limited to) auditory hallucinations and paranoia. This one flirts elegantly with elements of electronic music and stretches the boundaries of various genres.

TO DO LOVE: It is what they always wanted. Everyone, everywhere and most of the time. A simple love song in a Blondie stylee..

Close To Monday – Time & Step By Step

Close to Monday create modern electronic music, with each of their tracks communicating a ‘photo of feelings’ – a ready-made image, a situation reflecting their perception of things happening in the surrounding world and inside themselves, emotional experiences that are familiar to everybody. The electronic music band “Close to Monday” consists of two members ALEX and vivacious vocalist ANY.

Their recordings are inspirationally influenced by classic electronic acts Depeche Mode and Muse. The band’s logo was inspired by the laconic sensuality of the Scandinavian runes, CTM chose the symbols ‘kenaz’ (strength), ‘teiwaz’ (success) and ‘dagaz’ (flow of time). Since ancient times, these runes have protected wanderers from evil, shielding them on their way, helping them to find strength in desperate times. The act’s name is Close To Monday. Their music transfers its listeners into the last minutes of sleep before Monday comes, when serenity and joy begin to intertwine with the awareness of reality – but there is still time for wandering and reflection. Close to Monday music is a journey – both from country to country, from one feeling to another.

“Time” was born in Rome, known as the ‘Eternal City’. The walls and streets have witnessed so many events that this city can actually be associated with eternity,

“Time” – Dirty Doering is the founder of the electronic music label Katermukke. He is one of the brightest representatives of the German electronic music club scene! On his “Time” remix Dirty Doering caught and absolutely accurately conveyed our attitude to time! Life is not the number of hours allotted to us. But life is an endless stream of impressions and feelings

“Time” the Ron Flatter remix brings out Close To Monday’s preference for the Depeche Mode sound

“Step By Step” was ranked first in the top-15 of Radio Klangwald (Germany) and in the top-50 of Radio LRDR (France).

Anthony Sprunk – Life Goes On (Sprunk Music-MPG)

Anthony Sprunk is an incredible singer, songwriter and producer! He delivers a Monster Pop hit called “Life Goes On!” The remixes are spot on!! Georgie delivers on his signature sounds of Jackin and House! While, DJ Kue and the Perry Twins give us peak hour play for all dancefloors! There is a mix for everyone!! House, Jackin, Big Room, Tribal and more !! Recommended for all that Love House Music!


Grand Giro follows up his awesome “We Can Escape” earlier 2021 release with a huge Classic House production “WORK” which opens up with an atmospheric intro into a driving beat heralding a classic house piano running riff and gospel vocals extolling the virtues of House music as a spiritual thing. If you dug the Hatiras – Spaced Invader monster from yesterday then you’ll ❤️ ❤️ Grand Giro’s “WORK”. Comes with three mixes Extended, Instrumental plus the Radio-Streaming variations. Out today from Open House Records on all major platforms Traxsource, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and Beatport .

Max M – Any Other Night

Only a few months after the release of his debut EP “Renaissance” – including massively successful singles such as “Imaginary Problems.” – Max M is back with ‘Any Other Night’, a radio friendly electropop song with retro-futuristic sounds inspired by both the 80’s and modern music. The female vocal interpretation breathes a lot of energy into this dancefloor oriented track. The highly melodic and progressive aspect of this song keeps the attention riveted from the beginning to the end.

Max M is on a steady rise as his distinctive sound continues to garner attention from the industry and fans around the world.

With more than 5M streams on Spotify and 5000 radio airplays, Max M is set to take the scene by storm. “Any Other Night” is a must-listen record as it will brighten up any party, dancefloor, or day.