Chris Tall – Dancin’ Alive

Nu-Disco producer Chris Tall releases his new single Dancin’ Alive, featuring MLK, often mistaken for “Robyn” cause of their similarities in voices and expression.

Dancin’ Alive’s message is to never give up on that feeling of losing yourself to the music and dance yourself away into happiness. The cinematic backdrop and V8 motor like bassline clings to the bangin’ 80s, while MLK´s youthful vocals favor an empowered sensuality.

The result resonates with something that could have come straight out of the world of “Stranger Things”. This is also reflected in the music video, released on the 1th of April, where a group of outcasts escape through dance & movement in an unknown underworld as a backdrop for their sensual retro-futuristic performance.

Chris Tall´s signature sound deftly reaches across disco, electro and pop. His music has been frequently played over dance floors all over the world and his previous release “Roller Skater” was picked as the 4th most important track of 2016 by the music blog “MyMusicIsBetterThanYoursSite”.

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