Beks – Devoted

Brisbane’s Beks today releases her new disco esque dance floor banger ‘Devoted’.

The single was written by Beks (Rebecca Callander) and Aaron Lee at his studio on the NSW Central Coast. Produced and mixed by Aaron Lee, the song’s 80s style guitar riff and four to the floor beat echoes a disco groove reminiscent of an early Daft Punk.

The song is entitled ‘Devoted’ however the hook of the single is ‘I’m Not Devoted To You’.

“It’s about power recall; reclaiming the power you’ve placed on someone who’s exploited that power and giving it back to yourself. It’s about idolising your own individuality and uniqueness, transforming pain into power ” – Beks

‘Devoted’ follows on from the success of her single ‘The Thing About Us’ which was picked up by Home and Away and Channel 7 for a national TV and radio advertising campaign and was a finalist in The International Songwriting Competition 2021, Brisbane as well as garnering mainstream radio play on the Hit network, KIISFM and Grant Broadcasters network.

To celebrate the release, Beks has created a blockbuster music video entitled ‘Devoted’ with Brisbane director Beau Bressington, which references iconic love films with a twist. Recreating, in detail, pivotal scenes from the films such as Ghost, The Notebook, Love Actually, Titanic, Spider Man 2 and Dirty Dancing, Beks rewrites and acts out bitter alternative endings. The music video opens with Beks working at the historically restored cinema, The Elizabeth, in Brisbane where a couple enters. Beks’ newly broken heart takes her away into a daydream to these classic love films, as she plays out, frame by frame, these revised jilted endings. Amongst these scenes are twenty dancers, alongside Beks, all styled in up-cycled, Brisbane fashion designer, Kimbra Lou clothing, performing choreography designed by Beks and shot at the iconic Fortitude Valley Music Hall.

“These iconic films have made an impression on me and my (bad) choices. I have manipulated average men (in mind) to be heroes, idolising losers, diminishing my self worth and power. I wanted to destroy that view and create a music video that would represent the main lyrical hook ‘I’m Not Devoted To You’.” – Beks

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