SyncTone feat. Joel Kibble – Thank God It’s Friyay

Funk/Dance artist SyncTone invites you to find not-so-hidden ‘easter eggs’ on his hot new funk-dance single “Thank God It’s FriYaY”, which pays homage to the songs of the past that celebrated Friday as the end of the work week.

SyncTone about “Thank God It’s Friyay”:
‘There have been 25 notable songs written about the week ending day. Songs by R.Kelly – “Thank God It’s Friday”, Katie Perry – “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”, Rebecca Black – “Friday”, Bell and James – “Livin’ It Up On Friday Night”, and of course the grandmother of them all, Love and Kisses, from film soundtrack of the same name, “Thank God It’s Friday”. My new track while celebrating Friday, also gives several nods to those tunes too.’

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