DSB n Ike Okani – It’s Cool You Love Techno (Okani Worldwide)

Yes very cool that you love techno with its understated sensual vibrating beats pulsing through the speakers into the physical being of the dance floor itself. In a dark room, full of solitary bodies grooving to the loud deep beats, it is the closest to actually being back in the womb with your carrier’s inner frequencies surrounding all of your senses, or at least that’s what came to mind watching Carl Cox play in the techno room at Space in Ibiza a yesterday ago, no singing, no DJ calling for the obligatory “put your hands in the air”, just powerful and intricate melodies weaving their way into the subconscious. Turn “Its Crazy You Love Techno” up loud and let it channel its force into you. Wonderful…Bravo the Las Vegas beat-banditos DSB n Ike Okani.. Out on Spotify & Apple Music..

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