J. Young feat. Toyanna – EP Sexy Dress

Staying with what he does best, J. Young keeps fans dancing with his blend of reggae roots and smooth vocals. From the moment “Sexy Dress” blows into the listener’s ears, its soulful sound will have feet tapping and hands clapping. With a killer chorus following the spicy musical hooks, J. Young’s harmonious vocals will put you into a blissful aural mess!

Plus, the official remixes give “Sexy Dress” a complete makeover and make it possibly better than ever. The remix features the sensational Toyanna Rae and brings a new level of energy to the song. The upbeat club bass line becomes contagious and continuously prompts the listener to start dancing.

Be sure to add “Sexy Dress” or the remixes to your dance and club playlists for a fresh musical take by J. Young whenever you need it.

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