Grace & Badlove – Zoom Out (Fede Klotz Remix)

Grace & Badlove’s popular single “Zoom Out” from the 2018 album Sticky Nostalgia is now getting the soulful house treatment. After reaching over 100,000 streams, the neo-soul collective has teamed up with Argentinian DJ/Producer, Fede Klotz, to release a fresh remix of the track. With musical influences of soul and disco, Fede Klotz’ is on a quest to create a festive sound mixing afro, Brazilian and tropical elements.
“Zoom Out” was originally written by bandleader, Grace Portillo, and guitarist, Gaston Saya. “I recall us jamming in his apartment and thinking about life, taking perspective of our realities”, reflects Portillo. “How fortunate or cursed each one feels, depends entirely on our ability to see things from a different angle and how grateful we are.”
Grace & Badlove is an international neo-soul experiment based in Argentina and led by the Latin singer/composer Gracia Portillo. Her music journey began at an early age in her home country of El Salvador, moving to Argentina in 2009. Grace & Badlove’s first album “Sticky Nostalgia” was released in 2018. Since then they have focussed on playing live in venues across Argentina–doing key presentations at the USA Embassy, Niceto Club, La Tangente, SOFAR (Guatemala, Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata), Thelonious Club, and BrĂ¼der Festival among others. Grace & Badlove’s sound is inspired by artists such as Moonchild, Biig Piig, Jorja Smith, and Alicia Keys among others.

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