Marvinmarvelous – “Aquarius”

Marvinmarvelous “Aquarius”, with Vanessa Hawkins on vocals, is perfectly in tune with this moment in time ‘a dawning of a new age’ as we see the way forward past the mistakes of the last century and needing to attend to them in order to make a path through this new one with 20% of it gone. Pandemic’s, climate change, social acceptance of others and their right to live with clean air, water and opportunities to evolve with compassion.

You might not get that immediately from the song, instrumentation, melody or rhythm but it’ s there. Just close your eyes, open your ears and feel it in your heart, then be a team messenger with your support. Every branch of a tree is an essential part of the whole. “10% of something, it beats 100% of nothing at all”. Marvinmarvelous “Aquarius” (Cali Music Group) exclusive Traxsource on March 12th, and worldwide release on March 26

Marvinmarvelous ft Vanessa Hawkins – Aquarius (Master Mix – 6A – 123 Afro Latin House

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