Parcel – Moxie Memories

Parcel makes his return to Position Obscure Recordings with a stunning winter EP that continues the producers’ opaque fascination with narrative story arcs and the immediate world around him. Across both sides of the delicately crafted “Moxie Memories” EP, we see dualities at play; conflict & resolution set to methodically transparent dance rhythms that reaffirm ideas of the modern state of dance culture. Never are these ideas more present than on side 1 “Wallows;” a motivic study highlighting themes of isolation that challenges the listener to look inward. Continuing to side 2, “Moxie Memories” carries the observer through a contrasting powerful delivery that evokes a sense of hope for a not too distant future.

“The absence of dance floors does not change the effect the music has had on me.” reflects Nasr as he describes the past year. “My heart and love go out to the millions affected within our community and abroad. Events like this have a drastic ripple effect on the fabric and direction of our culture. However, it has been shown time again that our culture has a way of adapting to these changes. I hope this EP does anything to inspire our community and abroad to embrace what dreams may come.”

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