Temporary Hero – Euphoria

“EUPHORIA” is the companion to the ENERGY album, compiling remixes of every original track from the ENERGY album. Some of these have been released as their own singles, and the album includes those along with some previously unreleased tracks, all remixed by the artist under the moniker REAL BOY who have shown their depth of talent with such a fine cross-section of House genres perfectly created. Release date: 22 January 2021

Temporary Hero – Dive – Real Boy Deep Mix F-major-7B – 120 House
Temporary Hero – That Man – Real Boy Remix F-major-7B – 124 House
Temporary Hero – Masterpiece – Real Boy Remix C-minor-12A – 122 Deep House
Temporary Hero – Need You Right Now – Real Boy Remix F-major-7B – 125 Jazzy House
Temporary Hero – Next To You – Real Boy Remix A-minor-8A – 125 Cosmic House
Temporary Hero – No More Hints (Energy) Real Boy Remix E-major-12B – 123 Deep House
Temporary Hero – Work – Real Boy Remix A-major-6B – 124 Retro Classic House
Temporary Hero – Out Of My Head – Real Boy Remix A-minor-8A – 120 Lounge House
Temporary Hero – Catch You – Real Boy Remix G-minor-6A- 126 Club House
Temporary Hero – Good Mood – Real Boy Remix A-major-6B – 172 Future Club House
Temporary Hero – Locked In A Kiss – Real Boy Remix C-minor-12A – 125 Future Club House

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