BabyGirl – The Rite Place

As soon as the funky disco-inspired bassline kicks in, you know you’re in The Rite Place, a nu-disco adventure fueled by BabyGirl’s pop-house production and romantic, soulful vocals. The Rite Place single also features remixes by DJ Sneak, Sacha Robotti, Vice Cooler, and Blakkat showcasing BabyGirls dynamic stylistic range. Growing up Mexican-American along the San Diego border, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, DJ, producer, and founder of record label Zone64, BabyGirl is flexible enough to pair with a variety of genres and styles, ranging from house and hip-hop to dubstep and reggae. As a DJ, her sound covers house and techno with touches of tasteful bass music. In its original form, The Rite Place is a summery slice of deep house reminiscent of the jazzy, orchestral disco by UK’s Crazy P. Sacha Robott is hyper-percussive and polyrhythmic remix of The Rite Place will transport you to another dimension as it incorporates the DJs notorious, funky signature bass-heavy beats and futuristic sounds. This is the best remix I’ve ever made, says Sacha Robotti. Chicago’s self-proclaimed house gangster, DJ Sneak, will make you want to move as his remix brings the groovy disco influence and bass driven beats to the table. Its definitely the right time and place for a tune of this caliber. BabyGirl is doing it, says DJ Sneak. Vice Cooler, producer of tracks on Peaches and Ladytron’s latest album, turns in a heavenly bit of chillout electronica built on sputtering beats and spacey vocals. After a dramatic vocal opening, Blakkat’s remix dips into a mesmerizing siren call as BabyGirl’s vocals resonate amidst a deep kick drum and swirling effects.

EM – Say What You Mean

New single from the amazing female artist EM with all the panache and artist creativity that this new social era affords in 2020. Great song, produced and delivered skillfully by The Sound Of Los Angeles. Featuring the original radio edit, plus the Wonder Urban mix and Wonder X future club remix. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and Tiktok.

EM – Say What You Mean (Radio Edit – 1A – 102 Deep Pop Vocal
EM – Say What You Mean (Wonder Urban Mix – 1A – 102 Urban Pop Vocal
EM – Say What You Mean (Wonder X Remix – 1A – 123 Future Club

Ples Jones & Sarah B – Holding On

The Radio edit on “Holding On” starts on a magic and funky sweet Rhodes intro heralding in the vocal from Sarah B (LadyBNOW) bringing to life a song about a dysfunctional relationship that has ended but is trying to be rekindled, causing much duel heartache for the lovers. Ain’t we all been there, the sugar being too sweet, ‘oh just one more time and then I can let go, but you can’t, because when the noise of the day has subsided there it is, that feeling beating away inside you, just one more time again’. Two mixes, radio and extended of “Holding On” plus an extra Ples & Sarah tune “Burn Bright”. Out now thru Spotify, Traxsource, Apple, Amazon, iTunes and Beatport..

Ples Jones

An electronic music producer and house artist from Pittsburgh, Ples Jones is known to work with megaminds in the industry including Stonebridge, Crystal Waters and more. Jones took his respect, admiration and deep passion for music from Pittsburgh to Washington DC, where things really started to heat up for his career. Ples Jones learned from some of the best house producers in the business: The Basement Boys and Crystal Waters. He then took what he learned from these legends and made his way back to the Steel City to perfect his craft. Ples Jones has performed at Winter Music Conference,, earning him a standing ovation from over 2,000 WMC attendees and music industry peers – this was the turn for the talented artist, and his talent was only going to continue to rise. Nearly a decade later, Ples Jones is still creating the funky and soulful deep house and electro music we love, channeling influence from Stonebridge, Roy Davis Jr – and more. “Keep it simple, keep it funky.”

Sarah B

Sarah B is a UK singer/songwriter who collaborates with producers globally. She is a power vocalist focused on the #vocalhouse #deephouse & #house scene. She has been working this year with #PhunkInvestigation #HouseClubRecords in Italy, producer Ples Jones (Crystal Waters) in the USA and Darren Studholme #AnaritaSoul in Cyprus.

DL – No Time For Love

Arriving just in time for a long hot summer, ‘No Time For Love’ blends DL’s effortlessly cool and lean back delivery with the smooth and sultry vocals of US-based R&B star Sammie. “It’s about an ex-girlfriend, who I fell out of love with” he explains. “It fell apart around us and I wrote it the way I felt about how we had ended up; cold and pretty brutal”.

DL originally wrote the verses for ‘No Time For Love’ to an instrumental he had. He then took it to Melbourne producer SB90, who helped to develop the track. From there, DL reached out to Sammie’s management in the United States. “I’ve been a fan of Sammie since the 2000s. His music is right in the sweet spot of what I love listening to – chilled, sexy R&B,” says DL.

As good fortune would have it, Sammie and his team loved the song and within a week, he’d sent back a demo of the hook and the bridge that he’d written. “His voice is light, and vocals are so clean. It’s exactly what this song needed to smooth out the ice-cold lyrics in my verses. It was a long-shot going for someone like Sammie, but I was stoked that he wanted to be a part of it,” says DL.

With an MO for delivering chilled hip-hop, injected with soulful R&B and a pop lean, DL’s distinctive melodic rasp and playful wordplay has cemented his place as one of Australia’s most exciting emerging artists. Exploring the highs and lows of love and life in his music, DL connects with people through melodic hooks, dynamic vocals, and expressive lyrics.

In the past decade, DL has scooped up awards, including ‘Song of the Year’ in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest (judged by John Legend and Bootsy Collins); supported accomplished R&B stars on tour including Keri Hilson and Bobby Valentino, and worked with established artists like Guy Sebastian (‘Battle Scars’, ‘Gold’), K. Young (‘I Like It’), and now Sammie.

MULAN V – Put That on the Thang

The amazing MULAN V announces her return, bringing a new sound to fans with her long-awaited album teaser Put That On The Thang! As a new addition to the female west coast rap game, she is releasing “Put That On The Thang”, an LP teaser off her first studio album project – due date Spring 2021.

The compilation contains the album title track “Put That On The Thang” and her other hits “Run It Up” plus “Drippin Diamonds” produced by Big Marv, who also delivered her fourth consecutive single “Get To The Money” in 2019! “Put That On The Thang” LP teaser is released now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, TikTok, Tidal and more!

MULAN V, a rapper, singer/songwriter and actress, is the princess of Freestyle Records Inc. The young beautiful 5’9″ phenomenal statuette is a talented performer and the founder of “MULAN V BEAUTY.COM”. When she walks into a room, she has a style and presence that captivates the eyes of all of those who she encounters leaving people with a profound impression.

Born Marshaye’ Nicole Miller in Los Angeles, California in 1993. Her journey began while still in her mother’s stomach attending her uncle’s funeral that had been murdered at age 33, a victim of gang violence on the mean streets of South-Central Los Angeles, California.

Made her mark on the west coast hip hop scene in 2016 as well as Atlanta Ga, her debut single Drop it garnering support in the dirty south and sparked a middle Georgia radio tour that same year. MULAN V has shared the stage with gangsta rap legend Snoop Dogg and as opening act for 2 Chainz just to name a few of her accomplices of the West Coast groove.

Jessica Williams – So Good

Jessica Williams is back with a song and video that is perfect in today’s climate of uncertainty and concerns of safety. This new single, “So Good” is an outstanding version of the Mica Paris track “SO GOOD” which reflects in the video a song of hope and Love for these days of Lockdown. Jessica’s storming Smokey vocals are sounding better than ever and with a whole Album featuring a variety of great tracks all worthy of single release due in 2021 she is going from strength to strength.The year of the powerhouse Dance DIVA vocal is ahead!

Jessica Williams – So Good (Aaron Arce’s Feel Like Disco Vocal Mix – 8A – 124 Disco Club
Jessica Williams – So Good (Aaron Arce’s Feels Like Disco Dub Mix – 8A – 124 Disco Club
Jessica Williams – So Good (Aaron Arce’s Feels Like Disco Radio Edit – 8A – 124 Disco Club
Jessica Williams – So Good (David Strong’s Matt Pop Mega-Mix – 8A – 122 Club Dance
Jessica Williams – So Good (Matt Pop Club Mix – 8A – 122 Pop Dance
Jessica Williams – So Good (Matt Pop Dub Mix – 8A – 122 Pop Dance
Jessica Williams – So Good (Matt Pop Radio Edit – 8A – 122 Pop Dance

Grace & Badlove – Moontalk

Moontalk is Grace & Badlove’s sophomore album. The tracklist includes songs in both the English and Spanish languages and was produced by Martín Longoni. Featuring talents include Emme, Lu Rod, An Espil, Sofía Campos and Esperanza.

Grace & Badlove is an international neo-soul experiment based in Argentina and led by the Latin singer/composer Gracia Portillo. Her music journey began at an early age in her home country of El Salvador, moving to Argentina in 2009. Grace & Badlove’s first album “Sticky Nostalgia” was released in 2018. Since then they have focussed on playing live in venues across Argentina–doing key presentations at the USA Embassy, Niceto Club, La Tangente, SOFAR (Guatemala, Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata), Thelonious Club, and Brüder Festival among others. Grace & Badlove has built an entire ecosystem and philosophy of music and collaboration that has created a growing audience not only in Latin America but worldwide. Her voice has the simplicity and the melancholy of the great voices from the golden blues, jazz and soul eras. Grace & Badlove’s sound is inspired by artists such as Moonchild, Biig Piig, Jorja Smith, and Alicia Keys among others.

In case you missed it we have included Zoom Out from Grace & Badlove’s first album “Sticky Nostalgia” released independently in 2018.

Moontalk and Sticky Nostalgia are available from Slammin Media and distributed worldwide by Believe Distribution.

NOURI – Yalla Yalla

Today, pop songstress, NOURI releases the new track “Yalla Yalla” with companion visual music video – available now on all digital retailers.

Produced by Breakfast N Vegas who have worked with many top artists worldwide (Bad Bunny, Tory Lanez, Kehlani, The Chainsmokers, Rihanna and Taylor Swift), and co-written with Nat Young and GRAMMY Award-nominated songwriter Kham McPherson (Etana), “Yalla Yalla” is a dance floor ready pop anthem complete with its relatable lyrics and infectious energy.

NOURI pays homage to her heritage, using an Arabic term “Yalla” which means “hurry up” or “come on” when addressing someone. “I’m thrilled to be finally releasing a song where I get to showcase my Middle Eastern roots” says NOURI.

The track is accompanied by an equally infectious music video, directed by Blue Hamel. The singer puts on her most energetic performance yet, with two back-up dancers, moving with choreographed precision in a jungle-themed video. “This one is all about performance. It’s about dancing and having fun. I wanted to show off a side of me that no one has seen before,” says NOURI.

Since arriving in style in November 2018, NOURI quickly established herself as an international pop sensation with all her charted singles. NOURI has been named the one to watch and the up-and-coming breakout star by PopDust, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Emirates Woman and Cosmopolitan Middle East.

With her latest single “Yalla Yalla”, NOURI continues to cement her status as an artist to watch.

Jason Walker – All To You

Jason Walker is truly an Amazing Singer! Many know him for his soulful divalike vocals! When he gets on stage he immediately leaves you mesmerized! Jason has Blessed the World with many #1 songs and is about to add “All To You” to his collection! Last year at ADE, Jason connected with his friend Georgie and they decided to collaborate together on this INCREDIBLE song! A song destine to become Anthemic for the decades!!! The mixes are beyond words with an Allstar cast of Remixers! From David Morales, Glenn Friscia, DJ Strobe and of course Georgie! ALL PEAK HOUR! Again no hype needed just press play! For your serious consideration… Pure FIRE !! Recommended for all that Love House Music!

FINE – Coldblooded

Welcome to the world of FINE. The 21-year-old singer from a rather small town in west Germany makes no difference between the closest friends in life and all those who can identify with her innermost emotions. It is liberating to let go of them – to share – over and over again. It’s often introverted perspectives of herself that allow insight into the soul of the young artist. With minimalist arrangements she successfully manages to define herself in today’s pop music through intimacy and grand gestures.

The upcoming 6-track-debut EP “Coldblooded” erases every single sign of self doubt and destruction for those who listen closely. The boundaries of electronic and analog production fall apart entirely and lead to the most beautiful atmospheres which allows enough space for the singers whispering and whimpering voice. Beyond her soft voice she gets backup of her two older brothers who act confidently behind the curtain and help to shape a true unique pop project which allows to take place at an international stage

Coldblooded is a Song about some toxic masculinity bringing the protagonist nothing more than ruined relationships. The Chorus itself takes place in a traumatised accident situation of two human beings which stands metaphorically for the moment where it all falls apart. The character fucks it all up every single time as there is too much of his arrogance and vanity to see it coming.