BabyGirl – The Rite Place

As soon as the funky disco-inspired bassline kicks in, you know you’re in The Rite Place, a nu-disco adventure fueled by BabyGirl’s pop-house production and romantic, soulful vocals. The Rite Place single also features remixes by DJ Sneak, Sacha Robotti, Vice Cooler, and Blakkat showcasing BabyGirls dynamic stylistic range. Growing up Mexican-American along the San Diego border, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, DJ, producer, and founder of record label Zone64, BabyGirl is flexible enough to pair with a variety of genres and styles, ranging from house and hip-hop to dubstep and reggae. As a DJ, her sound covers house and techno with touches of tasteful bass music. In its original form, The Rite Place is a summery slice of deep house reminiscent of the jazzy, orchestral disco by UK’s Crazy P. Sacha Robott is hyper-percussive and polyrhythmic remix of The Rite Place will transport you to another dimension as it incorporates the DJs notorious, funky signature bass-heavy beats and futuristic sounds. This is the best remix I’ve ever made, says Sacha Robotti. Chicago’s self-proclaimed house gangster, DJ Sneak, will make you want to move as his remix brings the groovy disco influence and bass driven beats to the table. Its definitely the right time and place for a tune of this caliber. BabyGirl is doing it, says DJ Sneak. Vice Cooler, producer of tracks on Peaches and Ladytron’s latest album, turns in a heavenly bit of chillout electronica built on sputtering beats and spacey vocals. After a dramatic vocal opening, Blakkat’s remix dips into a mesmerizing siren call as BabyGirl’s vocals resonate amidst a deep kick drum and swirling effects.

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