Martial Simon – A Little Respect

Beatport Hype Top 100 charting producer Martial Simon has a knack for transforming all-time classics into jewels of the modern dancefloor, and it comes as no surprise that his latest interpolation of “A Little Respect” is quickly becoming an instant hit.

Simon’s new age touch on “A Little Respect” introduces lighter pitch-perfect tenors in lieu of original vocalist Andy Bell’s iconic falsetto. This new rendition takes Erasure’s catchy lyrics and adds an electro house groove which turns this 80’s synth-pop anthem into an EDM main stage contender.

“The original was one of the very few pop songs that can be considered perfect, so why not reinvent them with a modern twist. This is a feel good interpolation that can rock a dance floor.”

  • Martial Simon

The NY-based veteran DJ is still riding the waves of his successful track “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” which has already amassed over 200K streams across all platforms, and received airplay support from stations like Dash Radio and Party 105.1 FM.

Since expanding his brand beyond his former moniker as DJ Martial, he continues to develop his own distinct sound combining his love of 80s new wave and synth pop with deep electro. His previously released funky nu-disco cover of “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” became an international summer anthem just in time for nightclubs to reopen.

New York City-based producer and DJ, Martial Simon is an elite spin-master and music creator. He has a natural ear for rhythm, and by incorporating his style into his productions and DJ sets, he designs a unique sound all on its own. Actively working as a DJ over two decades, his popularity continues to soar by pleasing every crowd with his proverbial sixth sense. ​He is also the founder of SET Artist Management, where he books more than 200 DJs each week across North America. During quarantine, he pivoted from working as both a DJ and booking agent to launching GET SET Records.

XiJaro & Pitch – Sic Parvis Magna

Xijaro & Pitch present their newest creation “Sic Parvis Magna” on ZYX Trance.
It’s a pure trancer with hybrid elements of psy tech beats,
uplifting synths and emotional strings doing their mission
just right to create the anthemic vibe and lead us on the atmospheric calming breakdown
until the manic synthy hook is unleashed to raise roofs
and open the gates for the massive climax that will carry away your mind and body instantly!

DJ Spandex – Celebrate the Night

DJ Spandex just spun his way onto the Dutch music scene. In that time, he has established a reputation as one of the most innovative DJ’s of his generation.

Having shown an affinity for music from a very young age, DJ Spandex has been fine-tuning his DJ skills with a unique repertoire of mixes, music elements and playlists. His career took off propelled by a loyal following that loved the mind-bending sounds of DJ Spandex.

From sampling unconventional music genres to creating new soundscapes with his brilliantly mixed tracks, DJ Spandex has come a long way since his very first mixing session.

With influences ranging from 80s pop to modern electronics and dance, this is one DJ who isn’t afraid to innovate and try something new.

Sunrise Pilot – Summer Breezin

The artist and producer Sunrise Pilot is the new phantom in the music scene.

According to contradicting rumors the artist is between 16 and 60 years old and is living somewhere between the South Sea and Iceland. Whether he actually is a pilot nobody knows but his social media appearance keeps pointing to it.

In one posting Sunrise Pilot describes his music as follows: ‘When I write music I want to create something that makes people’s life a little bit easier, make them smile, laugh, fly and dance.’

With more than 1 million streams on Spotify, the artist has already build a growing fanbase who are supporting him on distributing his message.

Da Clubbmaster X Tom Pulse – Never Knew Love Like This Before

It was just a matter of time for a joint project!
Da Clubbmaster & Tom Pulse
with some top 10 and peak #1 placements, including Beatport Top 100
and various dance charts around the globe
(Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France …)
have made the 80s disco hit classic their own and
perfectly wrapped in a Nu Disco Sound.

Turn it up loud!

Max M – Any Other Night

Only a few months after the release of his debut EP “Renaissance” – including massively successful singles such as “Imaginary Problems.” – Max M is back with ‘Any Other Night’, a radio friendly electropop song with retro-futuristic sounds inspired by both the 80’s and modern music. The female vocal interpretation breathes a lot of energy into this dancefloor oriented track. The highly melodic and progressive aspect of this song keeps the attention riveted from the beginning to the end.

Max M is on a steady rise as his distinctive sound continues to garner attention from the industry and fans around the world.

With more than 5M streams on Spotify and 5000 radio airplays, Max M is set to take the scene by storm. “Any Other Night” is a must-listen record as it will brighten up any party, dancefloor, or day.

Beks – Devoted

Brisbane’s Beks today releases her new disco esque dance floor banger ‘Devoted’.

The single was written by Beks (Rebecca Callander) and Aaron Lee at his studio on the NSW Central Coast. Produced and mixed by Aaron Lee, the song’s 80s style guitar riff and four to the floor beat echoes a disco groove reminiscent of an early Daft Punk.

The song is entitled ‘Devoted’ however the hook of the single is ‘I’m Not Devoted To You’.

“It’s about power recall; reclaiming the power you’ve placed on someone who’s exploited that power and giving it back to yourself. It’s about idolising your own individuality and uniqueness, transforming pain into power ” – Beks

‘Devoted’ follows on from the success of her single ‘The Thing About Us’ which was picked up by Home and Away and Channel 7 for a national TV and radio advertising campaign and was a finalist in The International Songwriting Competition 2021, Brisbane as well as garnering mainstream radio play on the Hit network, KIISFM and Grant Broadcasters network.

To celebrate the release, Beks has created a blockbuster music video entitled ‘Devoted’ with Brisbane director Beau Bressington, which references iconic love films with a twist. Recreating, in detail, pivotal scenes from the films such as Ghost, The Notebook, Love Actually, Titanic, Spider Man 2 and Dirty Dancing, Beks rewrites and acts out bitter alternative endings. The music video opens with Beks working at the historically restored cinema, The Elizabeth, in Brisbane where a couple enters. Beks’ newly broken heart takes her away into a daydream to these classic love films, as she plays out, frame by frame, these revised jilted endings. Amongst these scenes are twenty dancers, alongside Beks, all styled in up-cycled, Brisbane fashion designer, Kimbra Lou clothing, performing choreography designed by Beks and shot at the iconic Fortitude Valley Music Hall.

“These iconic films have made an impression on me and my (bad) choices. I have manipulated average men (in mind) to be heroes, idolising losers, diminishing my self worth and power. I wanted to destroy that view and create a music video that would represent the main lyrical hook ‘I’m Not Devoted To You’.” – Beks

JOKAI – Something to Trust

JOKAI is a fresh, new, charismatic and energetic music producer located in Vienna, Austria. He started his carrier January 2021 when he got producer lessons with Kygo himself for his birthday.

JOKAI’s first released song with the singer Schmorgle “Memories We Make” was played over 1 million times over several platforms. The first radio promo to radio stations worldwide achieved good results.

His new single “Something to Trust” is about his own big and painful heartache in the middle of his twenties. He suffered for years and this song brings out every soulful and painful emotion he had.

Nathan Paul – Kingdom

Nathan Paul is an English DJ and producer whose energy driven, trance inspired house music is carving a path in the current landscape. He has been supported by some of the biggest names in dance music including Sonny Fodera who remixed one of Nathan’s track ‘Lonely’ which featured on the Hed Kandi Beach Album Series Compilation CD and Tom Zanetti who signed 2 original production EPs under his Alias AKlass to his label Sleepin is Cheatin. With official remixes for Love Islands Savannah Darnell, Chubz & Nukem, and Rachael White and performances at Amsterdam Spring Break, Houseparty Ayia Napa, Digital Barnsley, Lovezoo and BCK2LUV Festival, his upward trajectory within house music has only continued in 2021.