Axel Thesleff – Pouring Down

Do you ever get those days when nothing just goes right and on top of everything it starts raining and you don’t have an umbrella?
Axel Thesleff’s new single “Pouring Down” is a reminder to just keep calm and take it all in with acceptance and perseverance, because what’s the other option? Being angry and bitter won’t get you dry. Might as well enjoy the free shower.

This Song is Sick said about “Pouring Down”:
“The stillness becomes determined energy as the steadily flourishing percussion drives this tune through the sonic depiction of triumphant self-discovery. One could lose themselves in this track for hours on end.”

Pouring Down is promoted via

  • PR (Press + radio)
  • Social media ads
  • Artists own Spotify Playlist
  • Artist YouTube channel (190K+) with the music video
  • TikTok

Since the release, the track was supported by:

Chill Nation on their YouTube channel and Spotify playlist

Spotify on the New Music Friday (Finland) and multiple independent playlists.

Apple Music added the track to 7 of their playlists (use the browser to see some of the placements as they are country restricted)
New Music Daily (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Turkey)
New in Electronic (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, China, Ireland, Korea)
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Shazam Stars (Global)

Chris Tall – Dancin’ Alive

Nu-Disco producer Chris Tall releases his new single Dancin’ Alive, featuring MLK, often mistaken for “Robyn” cause of their similarities in voices and expression.

Dancin’ Alive’s message is to never give up on that feeling of losing yourself to the music and dance yourself away into happiness. The cinematic backdrop and V8 motor like bassline clings to the bangin’ 80s, while MLK´s youthful vocals favor an empowered sensuality.

The result resonates with something that could have come straight out of the world of “Stranger Things”. This is also reflected in the music video, released on the 1th of April, where a group of outcasts escape through dance & movement in an unknown underworld as a backdrop for their sensual retro-futuristic performance.

Chris Tall´s signature sound deftly reaches across disco, electro and pop. His music has been frequently played over dance floors all over the world and his previous release “Roller Skater” was picked as the 4th most important track of 2016 by the music blog “MyMusicIsBetterThanYoursSite”.

Alexandra Stan – Tokyo

Alexandra Stan, signed to Universal Music, releases “Tokyo”.

“Tokyo” tells the story of a complicated romance, which is about to end as one of the lovers doesn’t see the relationship as a priority.

Alexandra wrote “Tokyo” along side Manuel Riva, Robert Zgarbura and Misha Miller. Manuel Riva, who is a frequent collaborator of Alexandra (together they released the hit “Miami”) was also in charge of the song’s production.

Visioneight – One More Kiss

While Visioneight’s last RMX from Bootmasters Legwork is still very present (over 2.000.000 views at tiktok)
The new single “One More Kiss” describes the last hours and minutes of a relationship. “Another three hours to call you mine./Another three hours for me to assign./Another three hours away from rain./Away from insomnia, sadness and pain.” Inspired by Life.
Visioneight spent a lot of time on sound design on this one, a strong beat with slaphouse elements. The great voice and melodies makes the song complete.

Disco Pirates x Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett – Monster Mash 2021

Those intrepid party loving Disco Pirates take the classic Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett 60’s hit into 2021 with their new Monster Mash, a real graveyard smash which caught on in a flash. After working in the lab late one night when a monster from the slab began to rise and suddenly to everybody’s surprise he did the Monster Mash, the Ghouls all came from their humble abodes to get a jolt from the electrodes. Let the Zombie commence their fun. Enjoy you ghostly guys & gals.

CMCV & Hidden Tigress – Soar (Derek Palmer Remix)

Derek Palmer drops an exciting remix for the song ‘Soar’ on Abora, featuring the always-mesmerizing American vocalist Hidden Tigress and originally produced by CMCV.

The song starts with an energetic uplifting atmosphere, solid drums, and flowing basslines, combined with nostalgic notes and the enchanting voice of Hidden Tigress. The breakdown continues to highlight Hidden Tigress’s otherworldly voice, fused with a magical melody and all leading to and epic drop.

Soar away with this magical remix and grab your copy now!

Mauro Picotto – Back To Cali (Talla2XLC Remix)

The trance scene will never be what it is today without the huge influence of the Italian maestro Mauro Picotto and his label BXR. One of his strongest tracks Back To Cali from 2002 reattacks the global dancefloors in 2021 thanks to trance legend Talla 2XLC who adds his current full on straight to point hard uplifting sound to make the original relevant for the current trance movement. It has all the right elements and guarantee signature of Talla 2XLC to win your hearts and become an instant summer success at the download portals.

G.Roy & Jont – The Land I Forgot

In the Halifax and international music scenes, there is no troubadour quite like Jont. The eclectic singer-songwriter’s heartfelt and spiritual songs have seen global acclaim, especially following the placement of ‘Sweetheart’ in the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. The seed of his House collaboration with G.Roy was in a chance meeting at the grocery store. They decided to join forces on a dance track and ‘The Land I Forgot’ was born a few weeks later. The song touches on the universal human need to return to one’s source, and it maintains a thoroughly danceable groove.

Tomy Ge – Footprints On My Heart

Sounds like A Boys To Men classic – but it is Tomy Ge who brings Soul music back to the forefront of our vision in the fall of 2021 with the superb song “Footprints On My Heart”. A lyric that reveals the imprint of love left on his soul from their night of love where he can still smell her perfume. You can close your eyes and see a concert full of fans singing this back to the stage. It would have been a huge hit for BTM back in the day for sure. It is so good that this kind of pure soul music is still being produced today, especially in these times. Bravo Tomy Ge, Hadley & HDM Recs in Los Angeles.