Dj Milano – Feel It Tonight

Belgian ‘Dj Milano’ started developing his dj skills by purchasing cd’s on his 14th. It didn’t took so long before he bought his own dj booth @ home. His family knew immediately that he wanted to go further as a DJ! A few years later he could show his skills @ a café in Antwerp.

He got 2 know the right people and off took off. Later on he got some guest sets @ local party’s and clubs. Today Milano is no longer an unknown DJ. He’s one of Belgiums fastest upcoming dj’s & performed at several mainstages like Beachland, Legacy Festival, Big Bounce Festival, Afterwork Festival, See & Dance… Guest sets @ Tomorrowland, Sunrise Festival, Luna Festa….. Clubs like Noxx, Ikon, La Rocca, Café Local, Volmolen, Reflex… Genres: commercial dance, latin-house, club, R&B, reggeaton, retro, 80’s-90’s …

Milano’s slogan is: ‘Music is the answer’. With ‘Feel It Tonight’ Dj Milano delivers his 4th single, this time with an Official Music Video! Play it loud!!

Visioneight, Efimia & Trevor Jackson – Happy End

Nu Club House – Club House – This song has a simple message.

We alone are responsible for our “Happy End” in our stories.

All three participating artists have grown enormously over the past 24 months. Efimia is with “Hot Hot” (Bootmasters) at the top of various dance charts (#1CH, #1AT, #2GER). Trevor’s cover of “My Sweet Lord” reached over 16 million views on YouTube. Visioneight, among other things, produced a successful RMX for KC & The Sunshine Band with success in many dance charts with his songs.

Dj Floy – Back To The Homeland

3 tracks, influenced by Dj Floy’s club sets for all these years. 3 club tracks for the summer, melancholic and festive which can be playlisted in Peak Time or in After Hours (the specialties of Dj Floy).
Back To The Homeland : Floy is back to his French Riviera. a track tailored for peak times, festivals, and huge clubs. Back on his lands with all the influences of his mixes around the world in his suitcases.
Icària : Africanism meet Cuba on a hot summer night.
Summer 1999 : Memories of parties around swimmingpools and filled dance floors. 1999 like the French touch era, the summer of liberty and the end of the 90’s.

Maurizio Sacchi Feat. Vincent Parker – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Maurizio Sacchi is one of the well-known names in the discography both as an artist and as a producer and remixer.

He has worked with major international labels from Airplane, Ego Music Italy, Purple Music with successful productions and remixes. For Distar labels we remember the successes such as Funky Judge. With the new year Maurizio Sacchi presents a production made with Roby Arduini and Pagany with the voice of Vincent Parker that explores the world of deep house to mainstream house.

The track revisits Kylie Minogue’s big hit – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head in a contemporary version adding a special touch to the melody recanted with male vocals and a very charming retro dancy vibe. OUT NOW on Made2Dance…!

Alex Zind & Don Bnnr – Where Are We Going

As the saying goes: ‘Music knows no borders’ – the Frankfurt/main producer Alex Zind and the Leipzig producer Don Bnnr (from Germany) found each other via social media and recorded the track “Where Are We Going” together:
A strong dance track with expressive vocals and a very catchy hook. The impressive arrangement captivates you from the start and makes you want more.
The accompanying music video with impressive pictures tells the story of the two producers and how the song came about.